Sarah Macfarlane


Sarah MacFarlane is a professional horse trainer and lifetime equestrian from Napanee, Ontario.

Sarah has a Diploma in Agriculture with a focus on Equine Science and is currently working towards a second diploma in Professional Writing. She is well-known for her research in horse hoof function and her article "Cody's Curiosity is a 2-time Quarter Horse Congress Champion, Barefoot!" that was published in Issue 34 (Spring 2009) of "The Horse's Hoof" magazine.

Sarah competes in a multitude of events, ranging from western riding to english riding. She specializes in Hunter Under Saddle, Equitation, Western Pleasure, Barrel Racing and Polebending. While she has mostly western stock breed horses, Sarah is an avid student of Classical Dressage and bases her training principles and methods on its theories. Not one to stick to "one type of horse", Sarah has a strong affinity for Arabian horses and other breeds.

Her horse-related interests include hoof function, diet and nutrition, physical/mental rehabilitation, behavioral problems and communication.

Her alternate interests include painting, drawing, supernatural/paranormal subjects, Family Guy, sparkly things and drinking tea.


Hot topics in the western horse industry today.


Smile for the Carrot!

The "Real" IIIBarsV...It's a comedy show when Gooser sees a bag of carrots in the hands of an unsuspecting human!

He's learned how to charm the ladies with his gorgeous grin!

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Cool Colours

Jags Fleeting RocketWhat defines the American Paint Horse? The awesome variety of flashy coat colours and patterns. The APHA takes "a horse of many colours" to a whole new level!


This is your sneak peek at the standard patterns, and a few of the unlimited variations of what makes a paint horse "painted!"

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Feature: It's In The Weave

Consisting of a pattern of six poles spaced in a straight line with space between each pole of only 21 feet, this is one of the most challenging western speed events in the world.

Two of Ontario's leading Polebending ladies speak their minds about this unique and thrilling sport!

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How Slow Can You Go?

Suns Eternal FlameHorses in slow-motion. Did someone find one of those magical TV remotes from a creepy old guy and hit the “slow” button?

There is another sport in the western horse industry that involves slow-motion horses, and like barrel racing, it’s a sport full of glitz, glamour, and sparkle. Lots of sparkle.

The Sport of Western Pleasure.

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What's with the long face?

"Sup, Shugs?" says Ben (grey). "Not much, sup?" says Shugs (red).Communicating with horses isn't Chinese anymore!

Let's learn how to figure out what that horse is REALLY thinking and improve our safety by analyzing some of the common facial expressions seen in domesticated horses--- straight from the horse's mouth!

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Fiction: Turbo Speed

Turbo had kicked it into gear with such confidence and sheer speed that all I could do was react.Though outwardly we were professionals, I wanted nothing more than to beat my little sister. It was a deep sibling rivalry that always lingered in the back of my mind. I had missed my chance to get her at her own game in Polebending earlier tonight, but the Poleweaving class was close enough to a second chance. 

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Three Barrels, Two Hearts, One Dream

You wouldn’t think that making a horse turn circles around three 50-gallon steel barrels would be “fun”, but every day, thousands of western riders spend hours trying to get it “just right.”

Let's take a look at the fastest Western sport in North America— Barrel Racing!

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Review: The Man From Snowy River (Film)

Do you like horses? You do? What about PRETTY horses? Even better, right!? 

Mountain Man Jim Craig (played by Tom Burlinson) with his horse Danny and his trusty bullwhip.Now add a handsome, clever, charming, strong, silent, hard-working young Mountain Man with a bullwhip to the mix.

No, we’re not dreaming up a steamy fantasy about the Aussie equivalent of a cowboy. I’m telling you about one of my personal favourites, the 1981 Austrailian movie, The Man From Snowy River.

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More Than The 1/4 Mile

They earned their fame in 1/4 mile racing a couple hundred years ago, but in modern days the Western stock horse has expanded their talents and even their colours! Let's meet the popular Western horse breeds of North America: the American Quarter Horse, the American Paint Horse, and the Appaloosa Horse.

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