Maximilien Gamache


Max Gamache is a student at Algonquin College. He willed himself into existence 19 earth years ago, and has very sinister plans for the world. He enjoys writing, spending time with friends, gaming, and describing himself in the third person. He writes because he is convinced that within his mind there are ideas and concepts of pure brilliance. Once he realises he has the IQ of a moldy prune, he will stop writing and get a real job. Until that day he will blog here for the amusement of others.

I hate everything

I'm all complaints, no solutions.


Grown Ups Is a Terrible Film, Flee its Wrath.

Grown Ups is a Happy Madison film written by Adam Sandler, and stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Rob Schneider. Do I really need to say that it was about as enjoyable as an episode of My Little Pony written by Marquis de Sade?

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Introductory Post, now go away.

I found myself sitting at my laptop, thinking. My first blog post, I figured I better make it good, make it vile, spiteful and funny. I scoured my mind for various subjects to write about. I figured that maybe I could write about the most recent Transformer’s film. Yes, that could work.

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