Kenneth Wilson

  Kenny grew up in Hamilton, Ontario; city of steel and smog. He moved east with his parents to PEI, but before he left he was bitten by a radio active, Peter Puck, and turned into the Smog Town Leaf: Crazy-insane Leafs sports analyst.

I've been a diehard Leaf fan ever since I was a child (with a brief stint in Colorado). I started blogging a few years ago when I just couldn't contain my frustration anymore, but that blog has been discontinued. Now I offer you a seat on The Bandwagon, surely it'll be a crazy ride.

The Bandwagon

Bask in Smog's new installment of analytical hockey commentary.


The Post Season (If you want to call it that)

It’s over. Class dismissed. The boys are headed home, to play golf, or whatever less exciting activities they like to participate in.

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Feature: Interview with Coach Daniel Holly

It’s been a few years since I’ve laced up my skates competitively, but I’ve never forgotten what I was taught while I played in the Dofasco Minor Hockey League. Over my prestigious 12 year career (kidding of course), I played under many coaches, but none had a bigger influence on me than Daniel Holly.

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State of the Union Address: The Toronto Maple Leafs.  

Mr. Burke, Mr. VP, members of the Leafs brass, distinguished guests, and fellow Leafs fans; we have reached an important point in our season. Only 10 games remain, and we are but six points out of a playoff spot. These final weeks are crucial if this team is to succeed where others have failed.

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Going Under

Many things have happened in Leaf Land since the Trade Deadline, but the biggest story is the Leafs tumultuous descent into oblivion. Brian Burke (General Manger of the Leafs) has surprised us – and the Leaf roster – before; the Phaneuf trade, the Kessel trade, but never have the Leafs surprised him so much. He had this to say in an interview, “I’m bewildered by it. It’s like somebody hit me with a two-by-four. I’ve never had this before, when a team just plain flat-out went into free-fall.”

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Review: Conditions of My Parole - Puscifer 

Is the mall a typical place to be on the weekend? Unfortunately yes, but on this day my fortunes weren’t so bleak. The gaggle, with which I am associated, drifted into HMV and perused its newest and most heralded products. After shifting between the aisles aimlessly, I stood disinterested. In that moment I remembered, in a flash of brilliance, seeing that weird guy from Tool — posing in an expected manner — on an advertisement for a new album.

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