Kaila Joseph

1st year enrolment at Algonquin College in Professional Writing is just the beginning; Kaila Joseph’s aspirations as a writer are vast. A new Ottawa citizen, this Toronto born student has always had a passion for writing as well as the arts. Modern urban and alternative underground culture as well as alternative fashion sparks her interest. She also considers herself very hip-hop inclined musically. Seeing the glass half-full is an acquired asset of her personality, her laid back persona reflects her optomistic motives and characteristics.

Generation Why...

Modern day trials of tough love, and tribulations of realists.



A few weeks ago I blogged that after seeing how effective and necessary to social media Twitter has become, that I would, against my better judgment, create a Twitter account and become an active user. Today I am making the bittersweet announcement that I did follow through with my promise to join the tweeting world.

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Feature: An interview with Adam Lyon

Adam walked into my apartment and gave me a hug. We hadn’t seen each other in a while so it was a great reunion. Top 40 music played on the radio, and the faint smell of candlewax traveled in from another room. We began to reminisce and fill each other in on how we have been keeping. Not too long after, we sat down on the bed and began this interview. Adam is 20 years old. He is a good friend of mine who happens to have been born a female, although he now identifies as male. He was very generous with the information he was willing to share during this interview.

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Column: A Greyscale of Lies

I was raised to use honesty as a courtesy, it is something that has been embedded within the social etiquette that my mother raised me to practice since birth. Nowadays, through the stories I have heard from peers and the things I have observed in seeing how couples interact, it is fair to say that if you so happen to be lucky enough to develop a relationship with somebody through which honesty is maintained consider yourself lucky. The lies that people tell fall into many categories...

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Not a day goes by when I do not hear about Twitter, whether that be what is trending now, or a new music video that has just been released, or even an online deal that is only available if you re-tweet. There is no doubt that Twitter has become one of the fastest ways to convey information to the mass population, there is also no doubt that almost everyone I know is connected. Therefore, contrary to my ongoing opposition to Twitter, it has become evident that it is a necessary social medium that will continue to support social connectivity in its finest form throughout our professional and personal lives. So, after careful life-changing deliberation I am happy to announce that this week I vow to finally give in and create an account. Modern society has finally gotten the best of me.

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Review: Hamlet's BlackBerry: Building A Good Life In The Digital Age

We are living in the age of ever advancing technology. This new lifestyle is specifically optimized by connectivity between us and millions of resources throughout the digital world; this includes a direct digital line between people of any relationship status, including colleagues and family. Devices that author William Powers refers to as “screens” have kept us connected to one another on a mobile and global basis...

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