Josh Bell

My name is Josh Bell and I used to be a highly competitive goalie. I played many other sports at the same time but hockey was my true passion. In 2007, I suffered an injury to my hip which has left me unable to play anything. I have needed to find a new passion in my life and I believe that writing has filled that void. The sporting world has had to be left behind, but the memory of it drives my words.

The Beauty of the Game

Revealing the hidden art in sport.


Essay: Why Do I Write?

The late, great Johnny Cash sang a song called “Man in Black.” In that song he sings: “I wear the black, for those who have never read.” I hear that song and think that maybe that is why I write; so maybe I can provide something, for someone, somewhere who has never read. I can be that first inspirational piece of writing they will ever read. They will quite obviously continue on to something by King, Carver, Faulkner or someone else great and mine will lose that inspirational side, but I will still be the first. I think I could be proud of just that simple, unimportant fact.

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The last four entries have been about some of the most popular sports in North America. There are obviously some other sports like soccer, lacrosse and golf. But there’s an aspect I have left out. It’s a part that everyone who has ever cheered for their favourite team, their high school team or anything else. It’s the fan factor. It’s the fans that make or break a team.

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Feature: From Pads to Hitches

Most people haven’t even heard of Moscow, Ontario. They hear Moscow and think of vodka and cold weather. For John Nizman, he thinks of home. It is where he has lived for 14 years. People think of a 150 year old, stone house with 13 acres of land, as a dream. But for John, well, he has bigger dreams.

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Column: Why People Need Sports

The sports world is a very complex one. It’s one of loud cheers, and cold beers. It gives hope, it give despair. But, it is a need in our society today. People live, breathe and die sports. It becomes their life. People need sports, just like people need a hobby. Except sports allows so much more than that. Having a favourite team and watching their games, and cheering them on; that is a way of life for some people.

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Swing Batter, Batter Swing

Applause, that’s the only sound you here and it’s only from the crowd in the stands. The players stand out on the field completely silent, waiting for the pitcher. He remains tall, in the middle of the field with the ball held behind him. His eyes are locked on the batters, the batter staring at the hidden arm. The pitcher winds up, and throws a curveball!

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