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Christian Cleland is a 1st year professional writing student at Algonquin College and proud father of a 6 year old intellectual prodigy. As a sports and current events junkie, Christian has spent the last ten years gathering and sharing sports and pop culture news with local patrons at his bartending job. This blog aims to inform and discuss a range of current events from the world of sports.

Scoring Media Attention

Unconventional rants about sports personalities who make front-page headlines.


Dwight Howard follows in Shaq's size 23 Footprints

I began writing a post about how underwhelming the 2012 Olympics have been, but then the Canadian Women’s Soccer team won bronze in dramatic fashion. There was definitely a FIFA screw job on the Canada-US semi-final. All the evidence I need is in the headline of this article from FIFA’s website. After Usain Bolt got the world’s attention, delivering 2 stunning performances in the 100 and 200 M sprints, my article about the Olympics failure to entertain me was obsolete. So with all that writing now finding it’s home in the recycle bin of my laptop, I will instead discuss the latest headline dominating the North American sports scene; Dwight Howard is finally leaving Orlando, and just like Shaquille O’Neal before him, will now dominate the boards and shoot free throws terribly for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Kardashian Curse Vs. Madden Curse

Since 1999 professional athletes have been plagued by the Madden curse. Now in 2012 an even more diabolical curse has become apparent—the curse of the Kardashians. In the 13 years since EA sports began choosing an NFL star to grace the cover of its hugely successful video game franchise Madden NFL, every player featured on the game sleeve has been plagued by injury or personal tragedy

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Feature: Soccer Blogger Paul Homuth

Writing this blog has been a great experience for me. For this column we’ve been tasked with doing a feature piece on someone with relevance to our blog. I struggled to think of someone I had access to who would be relevant to my sports theme. So I called up my old, friend Paul Homuth, who aside from sharing my passion for sports talk and news, also writes his own sports blog called DAS BOOT. For as long as I’ve known Homuth he has been an aspiring writer. I called him up and started with the small talk. Feeling bad about not keeping in touch the last year or so, I didn’t want to jump right into the favour asking. After a half hour of “what’s so and so been up to,” I asked him if I could interview him for my sports blog. Homuth’s not the type to hold a grudge over friends for being busy, and as the super talkative guy he is, he was excited. The only thing he asked me is if he should wear a tie, which gave us both a laugh.

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Review: You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto 

At first glance Jason Lanier’s You are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto takes a surprisingly negative look at the effects of the world wide web. Especially considering it was written by a guy who helped shape the technologies that the book so frequently bashes. Jason Lanier has written extensively for Discover Magazine and other publications about technology and its effects on society. Fans of these articles will be immediately mesmerized by this book and the concepts discussed in it.

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Racial Double Standard of the Asian 'Lin'vasion

Every time I post a comment on sports articles it is immediately removed and my account gets banned. It gave me great satisfaction to see the recent controversy surrounding racially insensitive remarks made by ESPN commentators about the New York Media’s newest darling Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. One ESPN employee was fired and another suspended after 3 separate “chink” puns were used on ESPN news, radio and even as a headline on ESPN’s mobile site.

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