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Time For Games

Now that we have covered what all of the drinkers do at night as a way of having fun, it’s about time we have a little chat about what the rest of residence does to entertain themselves. Well now, this does leave a lot open but never fear because there are activities that are planned just for situations like this. You may be wondering what on earth I am talking about (those of you who don’t live in residence, I mean) but don’t go getting too panicky because I am going to be nice and tell you.

These activities I speak of, you may be wondering what exactly I am referring to. What I mean is anything that gets a resident out of their room and into a social environment with people from both their section and not. Activities are usually arranged by a resident advisor or a group of residence advisors and vary in how inclusive it will be.

Activities that are not so inclusive are things such as floor decorating for holidays, Christmas is a good example. So this was the only holiday that my section really decorated our floor for, mostly because it was a competition between all of the sections. But on a less competitive note advisors will also plan little parties for their sections as a way of showing appreciation. This type of gathering usually involves some junk food, games, and music and possibly some homemade cookies.

More inclusive activities are events that are planned by all of the advisors and are residence wide. One good example of this is the photo scavenger hunt that allows students to work in groups. Some things that aren’t quite so recent are the movie nights and the St. Patrick’s Day pub that featured a dance game for Wii.

What I think students need to remember is that the advisors work hard to plan events for the residents to enjoy and really is it a disappointment when no one shows up. The real motivator here should be that there are res points involved! I’m just kidding, the point is to get out of your room for a couple of hours and meet some people, some friends even.

So if you ever get invited to a residence event or activity show some spirit and go! Trust me, you’re going to have fun and the advisors will be happy to see that all their planning hasn’t gone to waste.


College Res Advisors Are More Than Great Leaders

It is Friday night and Residence advisors Ash-Lee Gibson and her partner patrol all five floors of the Algonquin College Residence building. They are watching for any sort of disturbance from drunks or music that is playing too loud and even assisting students that have accidentally locked themselves out of their rooms. For Residence Advisors this is not just a job but something they enjoy and work hard at to be successful.

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Time To Party It Up

So, picture this, it is Friday night, which in case you were not informed, is a party night…along with Thursday, Saturday, and possibly Sunday, but that’s not really the point. The point is that it is time to kick back after a long week of studying and doing assignments and have some fun for once.

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Fiction: Goth Girls

I re-adjust the bulky hot pink headphones that bleed music into my ears and then pull my coat tighter and sit to wait for the bus, trying to avoid the looks passing people shoot me from the corners of their eyes. From beside me, I see a modest looking mother scoop a toddler that got to close away and up on to her knee. I pretend not to notice as I scroll through recent messages on my iPhone.

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Residence Food: To Eat or Not To Eat

What’s better than overpriced food? What’s better is overpriced food that really isn’t all that good. Oh yeah, that’s right, welcome to the world of cafeteria food. In the next few minutes you are going to learn all about the strange, bazaar, and questionable and somewhat edible food items that can be purchased for human consumption. So before I scare you away with all this talk I will remind you that nothing is ever really as bad as it seems at first glance.

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Review(novel): Gone by Michael Grant

Gone is the first book in a young-adult supernatural series written by Michael grant. The first book was written in 2008 and is based in a town called Perdido Beach, California. The story follows a group of teens that struggle to survive after everyone over the age of 14 disappears. When the adults disappeared though a sort of shield suddenly surrounds the town with the center point at the power plant, this area becomes knows as the FAYZ or the Fallout Alley Youth Zone.

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Roommate What?!

Looking into going to college? Looking into a college that is far away from home? Well one option a new college student has for living arrangements is residence. For those of you that aren’t completely sure what residence is, it is kind of like a mix between a hotel and an apartment. In this blog I’m hopefully going to inform –or amuse– people with the happy tales and horror stories of learning to live with a roommate.

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