Alex Pilkington

 Alex Pilkington is attending Professional Writing at Algonquin College to see where his passion for writing will take him. His other passion – Theatre – has led him to the odd and satisfying world of Stage Lighting at Carleton University’s Kalaish Mital Theatre. He currently resides in Ottawa with thoughts and dreams of traveling further abroad. You can usually find him bent over his computer either writing one of the stories he’s working on or playing video-games.

One Nerd's Rant on Gaming Evolution

Ever look at a game today and think "Thank God you're pretty! 'Cause there ain't much else to ya!".


The World of Professional Gaming

Move aside triathalon! Winter and summer Olympics, go stand in that corner. Oh and professional sports? Yeah you can just receed into the background where you belong. There is a new player in town - not as new as you may think - and they're ready to blow you out of the water. Welcome to the world of professional gaming.

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Feature: Interview with Louis Dozois

Imagine a workplace where while on break you can go play a video-game on a movie screen, play an arcade game, or sit down and have a drink at the bar – although that last one is not recommended. Working at a job where you go dressed in your casual clothes and work on something that you love day in and day out. Welcome to bitHeads.

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Fiction: The Walk

I walked with my earphones in; blissfully separate from the rest of the world as I travelled. A shiver danced up my spine, I put my hands in my pockets and hunched against the cool air. I could feel my heart beating faster; the hairs on the back of my neck started tingling. I stopped mid-step and took out my earphones, simultaneously shutting off the music from my phone. I stood as still as I could and listened.


                The sound of a single footfall in the distance behind me.

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Review: The Shallows

 The Shallows is a book written by Nicholas Carr outlining the dangerous effect the Internet is having on us as a society. He goes on - at length - about how the Internet is affecting our attention span and intelligence. Sections of the book talk about the research that took place on the way the brain works and its ability to be molded with repeated exposure to certain elements. Some of these elements are extreme like a car crash, others as simple as when we cut our finger. He uses this as evidence to show how repeated use of the Internet can affect the way we process information, even affect the way we think.

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Evolution of Graphics - Is it a good thing?

It’s not hard to see the change in console gaming from its founding almost 40 years ago to today. When most of us think of the original video game, Pong springs to mind; a black screen with two white ‘paddles’ with a roving ball (well square if we're being technical) between them. Now we have graphics that mirror real life with startling clarity. Take this trailer for Gran Turismo 5; there would be parts of the video that you would be hard-pressed to not think it was a car commercial if you just saw it in passing.


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